Emergency Professional Services, P.C. (EPS)

Emergency Professional Services (EPS), is a premier Emergency Medicine group which has grown significantly over the past 20 years since its establishment in the Phoenix metropolitan area. EPS provides service to Banner University Medical Center-Phoenix Campus, Banner Estrella Medical Center, Banner Ironwood Medical Center,  and Banner Goldfield Medical Center. Currently this group is comprised of emergency physicians and PA/NPs, who we assist.

Along with the four EPS locations, scribes also staff Banner Desert Medical Center and Banner Cardon's Pediatric Center.
Emergency Physician Scribes

Working as a scribe affords future doctors, physician assistants, and nurses with the opportunity to work alongside providers in a capacity which far exceeds any shadowing opportunity you could have in the medical field. In addition to the in depth clinical exposure you will enhance your skills in work ethic, time management, and interpersonal skills, along with many more too numerous to name.

As a scribe you are responsible for documenting the entire provider/patient encounter including the patient's history, physical examination, test results, consultations, and the outcome of the medical decision making process. Scribes also facilitate the providers' time management relieving them from tedious and time consuming tasks. All of this enables the providers to spend more time with each patient while allowing the provider to care for more patients during each shift.